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Learn to achieve success

Your clients and competitors invest so that their employees achieve better negotiation and language skills.

Our aim is to teach using the latest and most efficient negotiation and English learning techniques. From day one, our courses are 100% focused on improving your sales, made to measure for each client and to achieve specific goals.


English is the language of business and opens your product or service up to the world.

General English courses are not satisfactory to reach current demands.

Our courses are designed specifically to improve each stage of your sales process: phone calls, trips, meetings, reports, proposals, and budgets.

“You can persuade with the right words, but to grow you need good deeds”

— Lao-tsé


We negotiate whenever we speak, but only through deep knowledge and analysis can we use negotiation to ensure success.

Our negotiation course is based on the latest techniques from the USA, directed applied to real cases by the teachers. We teach you how to carry out each negotiation successfully. The courses are useful, enjoyable and designed to address each client’s needs.